Advances in Video technology

Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to fly like a bird? In the past hundred years (and compare that with the hundreds of thousands of years of human history), we humans have managed to fly around the globe, into space, from mountains without any engines, and some adventurous people even jump out of airplanes or from cliffs and soar through the air with a wingsuit.
But we still don’t know how it feels to really fly.
Well, thanks to modern technology, we can: Someone mounted a video camera onto an eagle and filmed his flight.

Check out this amazing ride here:

But not only that. For a few years now it is possible to get very detailed and HD-quality insights into areas, in which the average human being would have never gotten an idea of.
With the rise of GoPro cameras, you can get the (miniature version) of the kick that an extreme-sports enthusiast gets when he / she does a base jump or surfs the waves of Hawai. Or you can watch a little robot flying into stratosphere, see earth from above and wonder about the deep glowing black of space, which surrounds the thin stratosphere above our all heads.

Here you can see a promo video of the new version of the GoPro Camera. I’ve seen it at least 30 times, and it still takes my breath.

This is a video of the robot in stratosphere:

There are far more exciting things to come folks. We are just at the beginning of the digital age, or the digital stone-age. In ten years, we will laugh about the technological advances which amaze us these days. As a simple example, please compare the quality of the GoPro Camera in 2010.

Every aspect is nowadays on a completely different level: the video-quality, the soundtrack, and the storyline is much more professional.
I’m more than curious whats going to come…